As follows are the different rumors heard throughout different sections of the world:

Rustria 412AR

  • “They say that the Crimson Alchemist is a stunningly beautiful woman!”
  • “Just past the Helenian Archipelago, there is supposedly an area eternally covered by the darkness of night…”
  • “Remember when the king was ousted in the last war? Yeah, I heard he let his sons inherit his hatred. Those princes sure hate the shit outta the lower class…”
  • “Termina is a beautiful place! Their technology is so… alien. If my sources are right, they say they’re getting all of their techs from the underground.”

Yuran Magic Academy 353AR

  • “Miss Yumeria has the highest grades in her class. I wonder if someone really talented is tutoring her…”
  • “Our school headmaster is over 150 years old! But how can that be? He still looks so young and handsome!”

Tristan 412AR

  • “Damn revolutions wrecking our town. I heard they had a machine moved underground to mind control people.”
  • “Have you gone to the Sky Theater? It’s pretty beautiful there, especially at New Year’s.”

Felor 412AR

  • “Apparently, the church at the south, which was the pride of Felor before, became abandoned and was said to be haunted by an unknown entity.”
  • “No house is ever safe at night. Mainly because of all those thieves! I hate this city! Oh, why did I even bother coming here?”
  • “Don’t even think about going to the Cathedral at the south part of the city! A certain dark entity seemed to be haunting its basement’s depths. It was said to be the remains of the former bishop of the place that defended the church against the powerful dark magic of the curse’s conjurer. Trust me, avoid it like a plague!”


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