() Lieferung, Einzel "Ein"

A diligent Courier of Aleria


Full Name: Einzel Lieferung
Age: 23
Height: 5"11’
Weight: 163lbs.
Likes: Punctuality, adventure, conversation, monster hunting
Dislikes: Liquor, herbs, gambling, speeches

Ein is one of the fastest couriers in Aleria. Despite the continent having access to newer methods of postal, couriers like him still remain in demand because of their speed, monster protection, and personal-level communication.

He is a diligent man who values hardwork over easy rewards. Customer confidentiality is important to him, but wants to know each of his clients on a more personal level. He enjoys conversations with his clients and even treats them to drinks when there’s enough gold to spare; Of course, he doesn’t drink liquor himself.

Ein has worked in a Preed job before, though he actually did horribly on his first try. With a ton more experience and two years of running around Aleria, he takes another chance at the Preed job hoping he could get a better store this time around…

() Lieferung, Einzel "Ein"

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