Felor, Realm of Eternal Dusk


Felor is a religious city located at the center of the country of Balta, northeast pass the Helenian Archipelago.


Felor was founded by Father Nicholas Astoria, the lead priest of a pilgrimage that journeyed to Aleria on 112 AR. They came from the easternmost continent and was said to be blessed by the Goddess Talia unbelievably long lives. Nicholas said that the land of Balta have the most hallowed and pure grounds out of all of Aleria. He, together with the rest of his priests, united all the small towns and villages across Balta to settle into one religious city. The people continued to build and grow under the guidance of Nicholas and the teachings of the Goddess of Faith, Talia.

Just when things were beginning to constantly settle down on Felor, Nicholas received a letter inviting him to join a grand ball on Yuran Magic Academy somewhere on the year 350 AR. The headmaster of the academy acknowledges his efforts on uniting Balta and would like to get to know him better. Nicholas accepts and went to Yuran with high morale, thinking of also passing down Talia’s teachings to the magical people there.

Once in Yuran, his group was given a warm welcome by everyone. The students prepared a magical acrobatic performance while the headmaster provided a feast for everyone. Everyone was having fun, full of magical lights and wine. Yes, everyone except… for one single student. Nicholas became curious of one particular female student who would just drink in a corner and stare outside the window. He asked the headmaster the name and why that particular student wouldn’t join the others on the party. He explained that, her name was Alicel du Waltz, and it’s just been her nature to be alone and aloof to everyone else. He also talked about a rumor going around the academy that she was a disciple of a demon god. Nicholas just laughed at the headmaster’s revelation.

After the party, the headmaster offered Nicholas and his group a room each which they accepted. When Nicholas entered his room, he became curious because the window was wide open and the curtains flapped vigorously. On the desk, he found a letter addressed to him. He quickly opened it and read the contents. The letter was from Alicel. She said that she had been searching for him all her life and would like to have a talk with him in private at the school’s courtyard. Thinking that this might be a call from a weary soul, he hurriedly went outside and into the courtyard with only the dim light of the moon illuminating his path.

He found Alicel sitting quietly at the center of the courtyard. She looked rather sinister and had a hood that covered most of her face. Nicholas approached her very slowly while reaching for his Holy Wand in his back. He could tell that something’s amiss about this child. Just when he was about to take another step, some dark figures came out under her clothing. He quickly took out the wand and cast a holy magic that seemed to restrain her from doing any kind of movement whatsoever. Holy magic also seemed to badly electrocute her. She pass out and return to just being a normal girl.

The next day, Nicholas reported his findings to the headmaster. Unfortunately Alicel was nowhere to be found. He continued to travel the continent hoping to get more believers, only coming home to Felor five years later. At the time, the people build a Cathedral at the southernmost part of the city and made Nicholas the bishop of the place.

His meeting with the student Alicel never left his mind, however. Midyear of 355 AR. A certain explosion from the Cathedral waked him up one morning. He went to the place half-hoping that it was just a mere accident but rather, he saw someone he never expected to see again.

Alicel was standing in front of the Cathedral’s crumbled door. She looked nothing like Nicholas have seen before. Flames accompanied her every step, her black hair was floating high above her head, and dark globes were magically conjured from the air around her. She truly is now an unsightly creature. Nicholas confronted her and asked why was she doing this. She explained that, she was a disciple of the Evil God of Deception, Arkanon. She also said that in order for a disciple of the dark gods to bear a dark child, he/she must mate with a disciple of the holy gods and successfully contaminate them. With which, Alicel chose Nicholas. But Nicholas vowed at the altar to served only one being, and that was the Goddess of Faith Talia. So, trivially, Nicholas rejected.

Despaired at the thought of being rejected, Alicel went into a state of rampage. Destroying everything on her path. Nicholas, afraid that she would destroy the whole city if he let her continue like this, begged for her mercy. She agreed on one condition, he would lie with her. Nicholas deceived her and said yes. When he was close enough to touch her, he used all of his remaining life force to seal Alicel’s ability to bear a child, thus, making her barren. She went mad, and conjured a curse that made the whole land of Felor succumbed into total darkness. She also replaced its hallowed land with blight eternally making the religious city a sight to be despaired upon.

What happened after that, was something that have not been written in history. They say that Alicel took Nicholas’s remains to the depths of the Cathedral and began to bring him back to life by some unknown means. When someone ventured near the place, he could sometimes hear screams coming from inside the church. These screams might be the screams of the innocent people trapped here with the grief they cannot let go of.

Felor, Realm of Eternal Dusk

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