Revolutions Series

Freed's Letter #6
The Dream

Dear Mum,

I had the strangest dream! I dreamt ay’ was Misha and ay’ wus’ on the floor lookin’ at a man who turned into a lady! For some reason, the man looked familiar, but I don’t remember her- I mean, him. There wus’ also a ‘uge ship in the sea dockin’ by a land made of black rock and some warriors and David climbed out of a window. But what really bothered me was a light I saw in the darkness far, far away because after that I saw all the wrong things my friends have done and it made me mad . . . Then I woke up. That’s all, mum.

Love, Gottfried

Freed's Letter #5
"Wha' happened?'

Dear Mum,

I woke up today and found out me’ friends had left for a huntin’ job in a mine, Randy said Misha’s gone with ‘em and so aym’ alone ‘cept for the girls and Randy. Aym’ also sick, but I don’t remember ‘ow I got sick. I wish I could ’ave gone with them, huntin’ monsters, they must be havin’ a great time!

Someone came to our room this mornin’, a fisherman by the looks of ‘im. He came to give a pouch of coins, he said it was for someone I don’t remember, but there is a letter from a man named Leo sayin’ thank you and an apology for forgetting to fix a broken knuckle weapon.

Oh well, I think I’ll go sleep again. Be well, mum.

Love, Gottfried

Encyclopedia || Port Town Binks

Binks Town

Binks, once a quiet fishing village, is now a booming port town that is quickly growing into one of Zeiss main branches of trade. Its main exports are various selections of rare giant sea monster meat, giant sea monster parts, and the rare “Preed Ore”, found in abundance only on the markets of Binks. Its other goods include quality weapons and armor for both mages and warriors alike, various potions and bombs for the adventurer, and agile griffons outstanding in their courage which makes them highly prized by aerial fighters.

Binks daily attracts merchants, smiths, and adventurers from all walks of life, hence a regiment of the Zeiss army is posted permanently in the town. Shops close at six o’ clock in the evening, and town folk rarely wander the streets after that time, but late travelers may still check in at the Feadeli Inn or at Bo’s Tavern where newcomers may gaze at the bones of sea monsters displayed on the walls, trophies of adventurer’s and mercenaries who have survived the “Preed Job”.

The “Preed Job”, as it is fondly called by the mercenaries and adventurers who visit that region, is the only job of its kind, hiring mercenary teams of four to slay large to gargantuan sea monsters in a mine that is located in the ocean. The Preed Mine is made of two islands of pure ore and coral, one tiny, one small. The tiny island is located within a cluster of large spires of rock and coral where Mr. Preed, the owner of the mine, has built a small protected settlement, while the other sits far out into the ocean. The entire sea surrounding these two islands is full to the brim with dangerous sea monsters. Despite the alarming death toll, mercenaries still register for the job for the reward reaches 4,500 gold a day.

Freed's Letter #4
A sad letter written in untidy handwriting

Dear Mum,

Today had settled it, my friends are turnin’ evil, except for Jin, he’s still the same. We had another adventure today where we had to get information from an assassin and when David and Hayate where questionin’ her, they were . . . they had a look in their eyes that was worse than an animal’s . . . the ones I’ve only seen on bitter men and men who love hurtin’ others, who love feelin’ the power they have over weaker people. I’m not takin’ the side of the assassin . . . I would do whatever it takes to make her talk if she threatened my friends, but not with eyes like those . . . not with fists that strike with malice. When I told them they were turin’ cruel, David said I killed Elise- the girl I cut down in the mage tower, mum? But it’s not the same . . . I did it to save them, David was hurtin’ the assassin out of rage- ya’ should have heard the poison from his tongue! And Hayate was hurtin’ her out of glee. I saw him smilin’ as he beat her face with his fist . . . I don’t like men like those . . . I feel uncomfortable, mum . . . I feel like I’m different from them, or they’re different from me . . .

I wish I could talk to ya’ ‘bout my feelings, mum, ya’ always knew the right things ta’ say.


Freed's Letter #3
A dusty letter stained with dried frog mucus

Dear Mumsie,

The moon is big and white like milk tonight, Misha’s sleepin’ soundleh’ on ma’ pillow, smoke comin’ out from her wee little nose holes; I can hear the snores of Randy in the other room, and as usual I can’t hear anything from Jin’s room. I just went and had a peek at him, he’s always sleeping still like a rock, never movin’.

I couldn’t sleep, so aym writin’ to ya’. I’m not the onleh’ one awake too, I’ve been hearin’ David shiftin’ around in his bed for hours and sometimes I’d hear footsteps like he’s pacin’, I think he’s still bothered about whot’ happened yesterday.

Ya’ know, mum, ya wouldn’t believe it, but, this giant thing with eyes on its black armored arms appeared out of nowhere and pulled us all into another yesterday- but it wasn’t a normal yesterday, it wus’ a very old yesterday and hot too! There was a giant slimy frog that I whacked with a stone pillar, sum’ harpies that I also whacked with a stone pillar, and sum’ giant explodin’ lizards that I whacked with the same pillar! I don’t have it now, it broke. There was lava, and big monkeys, lots of red hot rocks and a big tower with a pretty tiled floor. We went ta’ this tower and found out it wus’ home ta’ some mages who were buildin’ a wheel called ‘The Wheel of Fate’ to talk to their goddess- we actually met her, I forgot her name though. They also had a nice view, it was so high I saw the whole world. I actually drew a picture with everybody in it, I think it looks nice. I wanted to live there, because it was so pretty, but I changed my mind when the mages tried to kill us.

It all started when they finished buildin’ the wheel. It was in this huge tall room without a roof at the top of the tower where my lamp stopped workin’ and everyone’s magic didn’t work. Our guide, a lanky crazy old man in a hooded robe called for ‘the oracle’- and ya’ wouldn’t believe who it wus’, mum! It was that traitorous evil witch! The one who betrayed ma’ friends and tried to kill ‘em! I was gonna’ attack her, but Jin stopped meh! She looked at me and asked me if she knew me, like she didn’t know who I was, and David was tellin’ me that it wasn’t her, it wasn’t their friend. I was so confused! It was her, she had the same face, but I knew that the others knew her more, so maybe I was wrong and so . . . I put my sword down. . . Then she started a spell to talk to their god. The crazy old man started laughin’ as the wheel glowed and turned, then a blindin’ light flashed before our eyes and then their goddess came down from a gate where beyond its threshold wus’ onleh’ whiteness.

I told her mah’ name and asked her for her blessings, since I wanted to have long life like that crazy old man, but she greeted the others first. She wus’ very curious about us, she knew our names and our lives then said that there was somethin’ wrong. I didn’t get everythin’, but there was sumthin’ about the records of a person called Akashi- I think he’s oriental- and that all our yesterdays and nows’ and tomorrows are written in his records, but that it stopped somewhere, which from what I got wasn’t supposed ta’ be. She was mighty ruffled about it, and in a voice full of fear and anger asked us who we were. David said we were ‘voids’-I don’t know what that means- then he said we were ‘nothings’. I actually felt offended, but there wus’ somethin’ in the way he said it that felt like there was a truth in it that I didn’t understand. Then she whispered somethin’ in her oracle’s ear. I heard a rumblin’ and the tower shook. Something gigantic outside was climbing the walls of the tower! I looked up and a great scaly black claw emerged over the top of the wall followed by the head of a massive dragon. It roared a deafenin’ roar that shook the entire tower, then fell down with a great thunderous crash on the ‘Wheel of Fate’ that didn’t crack or break. The oracle leaped on it’s back then, pointing at us, said, " Kill them."

I cut her down, mum . . .

The mages stopped fighting and the whole room became silent. Then it was broken by David’s terrible cries. I thought he went mad. He wus’ sayin’ , “You killed her, you killed her . . .”. Remi wus’ tryin’ to bring the dead girl back, and the others were grave and silent. I didn’t understand. Then Jin told me that everything we went through was all for nothing now . . . I can’t put it into words, but I got that. I know that if you don’t have a past, you won’t have a tomorrow. David wus’ sayin’ the same thing too, he was upset because of the time lost, but I wasn’t. They’re all lookin’ at this wrong. If everything in the future will not happen now because that lady was dead, then doesn’t that mean that all the innocents who will die in the future will live? I’m happy she’s dead, although I can’t say that out loud . . . I know that they’ve lost a friend and it was me who killed her . . . or someone who looked like her . . . I don’t get it . . . All I know is, I’m sure I didn’t do anything wrong.

What do you think, mum? My friends are strange folk. They keep people who have betrayed them and David doesn’t keep an eye on that Ice Mage, Hayate. I’ think David is losin’ his edge . . . mmm . . . I think I’ll try and ask him what’s wrong.

Oh, the sun is risin’, mum, did I stay awake the whole night? I hear the others gettin’ up too. Misha is startin’ to wake too. I’ll write to you again, mum, tell ya’ how this will all turn out.


Freed's Letters #2
A dirty letter smudged with ash marks and dried blood

Dear Mum,

Somethin’ terrible ‘appened! Aym’ writin’ to ya’ from a burned town. The mage is puttin’ out the fires still ragin’ and there’s so much grief ‘und loss everywhere ay’ looked. It’s like wot’ ‘appened in the siege of Durnstram, it’s horrible . . . black bodies everywhere and worse of all is the stench . . .Those murderers will pay for wot’ they’ve done, I’ll thrash their hides when I get my hands on them!

My friends are out lookin’ for more survivors, sum’ are helpin’ with the healin’, some are lookin’ for food, I just finished settin’ up the tents and cooking fires. There was a man we rescued, a new member of our party, a girl- I forgot her name- brought ‘im back ta’ life. He said some order- I forgot their names too- were the ones who set the town on fire. They were lookin’ for the coordinates of a city we were lookin’ for too, and they got the first set. David is enraged, I’ve never seen ‘im like that. I saw ’im diggin’ for somethin’ in the rubble. He looked angry, I think he lost something. I lost some of my things too, and sum’ food. Jin lost his food too, but he wasn’t as sad as I wus’.

An hour ago, the girl- the one who brought a man back ta’ life- shot one of the enemy, a marksman hidin’ in the trees. She died before we could make her talk, though, sum’ sort of poison inside her. David wus’ really violent with her; for the first time, I think I saw the kind of person David is. I feel sad, the cruelty of others changes a man . . . I just hope that this doesn’t twist his heart. Our enemies are prepared to give their lives and toss away their humanity, I thought of our little group and I fear that not everyone will survive. Not against an enemy like this, and not with our jovial attitude.

David, just walked past me, he looks embittered. He was goin’ on about how this was our fault, somethin’ ‘bout fate and that we should not ’ave left, but I think he’s takin’ on too much guilt on ‘imself. No one could ’ave known that this would happen, and it wasn’t his responsibility to protect the town . . . but, I think there’s more ta’ this than he’s lettin’ on. For one thing, the marskman was aimin’ for him. He shrugged and shook ‘is ’ead sayin’ he didn’t know why he was bein’ marked, but I think he’s hidin’ somethin’ from us.

Ahhhhh- my head is achin’. Thinkin’ too much always gave me a headache . . . On another note, mum, I- I think, well, that the small girls are- well, not so scary after all . . . Did I ever tell ya, that the girls outside the village are small and lanky and they look like toothpicks? I have one comrade who’s always wearin’ a white coat, her name is Remi, she did me a kindness by healing me’ wounds twice . . . I wonder if the other girls in our group are as nice as her . . . I’m actualleh’ gettin’ the shivers just thinkin’ ’bout this . . . mmm . . . I-I actually feel braver now towards girls- but only the ones in our group!

I love ya, mum. I wish I could visit home secretly.


Remilia's Diary #1
Please don't read this.

If you are not Remilia Aventi, then please don’t read my diary!

…But if you did manage to see this, then my words probably aren’t enough to stop yet anyway, right? Sigh.

Dear Diary,

It’s been at least two months(relatively) since I began travelling with this ragtag bunch of misfits. I can’t say this “outside the borders” trip has been especially the happiest occasion of my life, considering that it’s been stressful all the way through. Perhaps this is what being an adventurer merits, but I reckon “saving the world” isn’t always on the job description.

Having our dear friend Elyse betray us out of the blue while the fate of the world hangs in the balance is more than enough reason to have any ordinary person just outright quit this thing we’re doing. I would too, if I were with any less than these armed psychotics with me. They may have deep-seated issues, but they are none the less good people.

After Elyse’s betrayal at the Ashen Forest, I was pushed to think that there is more to this “Devourer” thing than meets the eye. I feel that the way things are going, it’s going to be the least of our worries. All this talk about Xibalba, The Iron Mask, and Ragnus… It’s insane. It’s crazy. It’s what I least expected about the world outside of Yurran.

But, I’ll endure. We’ll endure. And Lily, I’ll bring home the good news!

And on a stranger note, everyone seems so shush about 412 AR Yurran. I wonder what happened to my beloved alma mater? I’ll find out. I know I will.

Project: Day of Reckoning

As I enjoy using my swords, I am well aware that all current common and rare existing weapons will break or lose it’s edge. On my spare time outside training, combat and charting, I’ve been able to find enough consistent time for researching on modern technology and have been looking for ways to apply them for weaponry construction. I’ve been working on a State-of-the-Art weapon that uses a magnetic field to contain a stream of superheated plasma, able to cut through any material with ease also having ample weight on the handle and is impervious to any damage. below is an image of the supposed final product of my design


Although it runs short on what I can afford at the moment and I will also need the proper technology to forge said weapon and I will need a few people who are knowledgeable in this field. Perhaps sometime before we get to Sebulba I might be able to create it, after seeing what this “Iron Mask” is capable of, there is huge need for me to get one made.

End of log

Freed's Letters #1
"How do ya' spell 'a' again?"

Dear, mumsie’,

It’s bin’ ages since ay’ wrote. Aym’ not sure wot happened, but ay’ ain’t in the army no more. Aym’ with sum people who can go to tomorrow, or yesterday, no matter how long it is. Aym’ fine, aym’ havin’ the time of me life. I found a dragon and named it, Misha, you would ‘ave liked ’er, she’s small but she eats like me. We’re in a flyin’ boat, me, David, JIn, Shin, and a mage-I forgot his name, but I don’t like him. They’re me new friends now- o’, and some girls who are scary, but they’re nice.

Ay’ fought a giant lizard with horns like the rampedes in the mountains back there at home, a giant plant that was alive, some ugly butterflies, and a ‘uge black blob that looked like a jellyfish. There was also that rock-man thing, and a snake with wings, ya’ would’ve loved to roast that-its meat was the rosiest of pinks. I also got me a pickaxe and some cutters, I’m tired of mining with my fists. I also made a kite and drew pictures in Shin’s face while he was sleeping.

Jin’s a swordsman, he’s small and scrawny, but ’e’s really fast. He’s also boring, he doesn’t talk much. David, I like, we drink and eat together and he’s a good leader. I don’t like the way he treats the women, though- no respect. Shin is quiet-too quiet, sometimes it’s like ’e’s not even there. And the mage, I don’t like ‘im one bit. He has an evil glare in ’is eye, like he’s planning something evil, but he’s one of us, so I got no choice but to live with ‘im-Mumsie, I gots to go, the Captain’s calling us. I’ll write more when I got the time.


"Ashen Forest Prelude" Summary
The Chaos in Zeiss


The game kicks off with a large ruckus occurring the city square of Zeiss, a technologically advanced city just beyond the border of Gaul. The party, composed of only David and Jin, were investigating all the fuss, and found that there was a young woman named Heidi selling delicious Cranberry Pies.

From the crowd, a very large, boisterous man came up to the woman and presented wolf pelts in exchange for some pies. Catching the attention of the lady’s bodyguards, they try to take away the man, until the party decides to interject… by actually buying this man the pies he wants.

The man introduces himself as Freed, and nothing beyond that.

A moment later, another young lady with long, pink hair enters the scene. She pushes the crowd aside and starts accusing the pie lady of stealing her “father’s documents”. The party aids in dissolving the conflict, and offers a peaceful resolution to finding her father’s documents.

This girl agrees to look further than the surface. She also introduces herself as Yaya, and offers to get the party some freebies from her father’s tool shop.

The father was a middle-aged man with an absurdly sized nose and a complicated monocle device strapped to his right eye.

After purchasing some stuff, Freed goes off to find work. He finds himself working for the delivery of a strange blue metal orb to the shop, only to find that it was a powerful time-bomb – hopefully, stopped in time before detonation.

Suddenly, multiple explosions were heard all across the city, and monsters from the Ashen Forest started piling in for no known reason. The party went off to mop the place up, and help any injured they may come across.

After the dust had settled, they were informed that Heidi had been taken down the Zeiss sewers. The party decides to rescue her, and goes spelunking down the city’s sewage system…

For some reason, there are monsters from the Ashen Forest that seem to be making their home down the sewers – a strange and never-seen-before occurrence, according to Yaya.

Inside the dungeon, David finds a strange, glowing door that contains a memory of Randy chasing down Yaya’s Father, begging him to “Let her go”.

After almost half a day of spelunking, Freed is able to break a certain wall which leads to a room with a familiar bodyguard seemingly awaiting their arrival. He claims that he had stolen the documents in order to cause a ruckus so that he could take Heidi away from an incoming monster invasion – the one that happened just a few hours ago. He takes them to Heidi’s containment…

A room full of crazed contraptions, some rusted beyond use, but mostly covered in dried-up blood. Across the room is a bound Heidi… and surprise awaiting them. A large, green serpent with twisted wings crashes down a large overhead pipe and rears its ugly, venomous fangs at the party. It seemed to heal every wound they inflicted, but ended after a rusty drill that prevents any sort of healing impales the beast.

The party escaped the dungeon, only to find that the rest of the party has already mopped the city up of any stragglers.

Yaya tells the party that, after David explained to her about being an “unentity” and the mystery surrounding her father surfaced, she will join them in whatever quest they sought to complete. She is, after all, combat capable with a large hammer.

The next morning, however, Elyse was nowhere to be found. She had left no traces whatsoever, and it seemed like nobody knew where she went… or even what to do now, for that matter.

In response, Remi suggests that the party split up to find her. She couldn’t have gone far into the Ashen Forest…

Creatures Fought:

Caiman B (Giant Crocodile)
Night Butterfly
Large Ashen Flower
Great Serpent

People Met:
Yaya’s Father

=“Someone once tried to burn down the Ashen Forest. He took down the ferocious beasts of the forest, but… I think the forest spirits got him.”

=“I heard the Ashen Forest is even more dangerous at night than the day. A whole different set of creatures appear in the night, and they pretty much specialize in taking down their prey quickly and efficiently.”

=“I heard the Ashen Forest is artificial! Like, some older city inside the forest decided to hide themselves from the world and just… grew this forest with technology and stuff.”


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