Revolutions Series

Elyse's Thoughts #1
Leaving Rustria...

It was a long journey helping Marcus and Nades resolve their romantic conflict. I’m glad those two men finally came to a conclusion. They were kind and all and it’s such a shame to seem them bickering.

Though, it’s as I guessed. Remi is also an Unentity… Why is it that I seem to be running into the unentities everywhere?

We went back to the Time Nexus, only to find that the Nexus was now on top of a huge ship deck! It’s quite a surprise… Did Cross and Dolan build this by themselves?

Still feeling quite down about Cross, I played around with my glowy toy. It may me feel even just a bit better. Then, David came up to me.

He asked if I was alright after that incident with Cross. I told him I’m fine and all. Maybe I shouldn’t have slapped Cross. He’d probably still be here if I didn’t. But it’s my fault, so I can’t cry over it.

So, I told David that we should keep going for our objective – to find out more about the Haedron.

Clarissa then called on everyone. She said she had a plan.

She split our normally large group into two; David and her being the leader of each group. She told us that we can cover more group if we split up. It’s okay, since she has her scrapbook and all.

But I still don’t know how she can time travel with that scrapbook. I know that only the crystal in the Chrono Staff could be used to time travel with memories. I wonder if there’s something she’s not telling me. I tried asking her once but she told me it just goes “clamp”.

David took me with his group, along with Remi and Dawn again. I wonder if he likes me and Remi…?

Clarissa and the rest went ahead of us… They left for 203AR, I think. As for us, we went back to 412AR Rustria so we can get to the Tristan Library.

David and Dawn though wanted to check up on Nades though. But I was worried that Nades will remember us as the people who helped him in a crisis situation… Even more so since we’re still young unlike him.

When we went in, Nades was sure confused. David just dismissed us being grandchildren of our younger version. It actually worked! But then, Remi came in. Nades went into a panic and dropped things from the counter. It was actually kinda funny.

Nades really recognized Remi. She did disguise herself as some stranger version of her name to keep it safe. Nades then reveals that he could’ve married Remi if he were younger. I don’t know if that’s a thought I want to dwell on…

We asked if we could take his metal carriage for a ride. It’s destroyed though… and Marcus wasn’t off for the better too. They both destroyed their vehicles by driving unsafely.

So, we went back to the past to tell both of them to take care of their metal carriages and drive safely. It kind of worked…

…Except we completely changed his future and ended up in one where he doesn’t live in Rustria anymore. So much for a ride free of charge… We ended up taking a carriage ride to Tristan instead.

In the middle of the night, however, our carriage stopped. The whole crowd was then shocked awake by an extremely powerful blow to the front of the vehicle. It pushed the metal inward. It trapped us inside and killed the driver and the people.

Who could do such a horrible thing…?

Dawn then asked me to hand him a bomb to open the back of the carriage. With his quick motions, he blasted the back open for us and the survivors to escape. And that’s when we went face to face with the criminal…

He was a floating figure with an iron mask and wearing a long, red cape. He only had that, and a pair of floating metallic gauntlets. He told us to just refer to him as “Iron Mask”. For some reason though, I’m not exactly frightened by his form…

The masked man told us to stop messing with the continuity of time. And strangely, he was also after me… and wanted kill me. Why is he after me? I don’t even know him!

But is he also a time traveler?

David, headstrong man as he is, jumped in to defend me. Dawn also stepped forward and called the man a hyprocrite for killing people that aren’t Unentities. Remi stepped in to help too.

The Iron Mask delivered some serious punches on David. I was a bit frightened, so I quickly rushed to his aid with a potion. I’m glad these things work in an instant!

Although he still put up a little fight, he was completely overwhelemed by the four of us. At that time, I signaled David to help me cast a powerful spell. I called down a small bolt of lightning, then scattered it on Iron Mask with his light magic.

Dawn and Remi finished off the Iron Mask by crashing a burning tree on him. It was really impressive to see them working together!

But then, his Iron Mask just flew out of the burning tree and reformed the rest of his body. It’s a good thing that he decided to retreat for now. I don’t think we could’ve taken a full beating from him if he kept on going.

With our vehicle destroyed and all, we just decided to walk the remaining day. But a strange knight in black armor came to our rescue – he called on a rescue party too… on a giant mantaray!

From there, we flew to Tristan, hoping to finally find out more about the Haedron.

Proteus D. Alexander - Character Log
"Remembering the Past" by Ken Writer

Proteus Dawn Alexander woke up in a mysterious realm called the Time Nexus, imprisoned from his memory; however, during his travels with David, Randy, Elise, and others, he gradually remembers where he was before entering the Time Nexus.

Brief flashes of images storm through his mind and the captivating and familiar aroma of Amelia is as if there whenever he’d interact with people or objects affiliated to Amelia starting with the pool of blood during the adventure on the time of the Hydron. With the sight of blood, Proteus remembers the name of Amelia Fanning. An image of her fills his mind and there and then he knew that he needs to find that woman, whoever she is. There seems to be some kind of deep emotional attachment with her that Proteus can’t forget. He has a strong feeling that when he finds her, he’d remember everything—who he was, how he lived, and what he did.

But little does he know, he is actually a renowned scientist in his place of work. He has developed devices related to electromagnetism wherein Amelia helped him. They were partners and even more than that, although somewhere in the middle of their work, their area was attacked by unknown forces. They produced the sounds of terrifying and deafening frequencies that would leave one petrified. These “things” took Amelia, but Proteus retaliated and he armed himself with Amelia’s invention, the sniper rifle, and tried to shoot, but the “thing” got him first and hit him with a high dosage of electrical burst enough to make him forget everything except Amelia. The last thing he heard was her scream and agony.

Proteus fell from a high place, considering that where they worked was a 50-storey building, but when he thought he was about to die, he fell into a portal—that leads to the Time Nexus. In a lucky second, Proteus survives, not without Amelia’s invention—“Marcus”, the sniper rifle, imbued with nanobots that induce high electromagnetic energy (EE) fields that can manipulate matter surrounding the rifle. It doesn’t need bullets, but it needs “gravity”; otherwise, it can’t fire.

It would seem that the electrical burst that came from the “thing” exponentially increased the
EE fields which caused it to create a portal or wormhole.

Whatever it was, it saved Proteus.

“Was my name Dawn Fenix?”

Since the electrical outburst was intense, Proteus only remembers the names of those dear to him. Fenix comes from his grandfather, Fenix Alexander, and Dawn is apparently from his mother, Sarah Dawn.


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