Revolutions Series

Fillie's Confessions #1
Not as Clean-Cut

You really have to forgive me for what I did earlier. It was reckless, and I caused trouble for everyone. At that time I collected those coins, I forgot why money was such a big deal for me. It was all greed. That was it…

It’s true. That girl, Laura, really was my grandma. I couldn’t believe that she could flaunt the family name like that. I’ve always admired her, but I heard her horror stories when I was really young. They didn’t sound very possible, ‘cuz I knew my family was all about honor and respect. But now, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and seen how much shit my family had to give out to innocent people.

I thought that history of nobility during the Civil War was a lie. Now that I’ve seen it, I was wrong…

My family, the Blanchemetes, were a really noble family. Though we lost most of our power over society recently, I wanted to believe we could still be a happy family together. That was the least that I wanted to see…

But it wasn’t meant to be. My family got disgraced in front of other nobles. Up to now, I still have no idea what we’ve done to make everyone pissed at us. When we fell from grace… that was the end of my wish of a happy life with my family. My mom and dad grew restless, and eventually started to demand so much of me…

To become the perfect woman. To be the next in line, in case a nobleman had wanted to save us from our disgrace… hopefully that I’d marry a “worthy” man to make our family “worthy” again.

As to how I got into this whole thieving fiasco, is something I don’t wanna talk about right now.

This scar on my eye… will be my reminder for my entire life… that I can’t let my greed overcome my goals.

Breaker's Broodings #2
Turning Over A New Path

I couldn’t possibly figure out why the people are hanging around at the plaza. Nothing seems to be wrong or out of place with the place.

Might as well try my luck while those people are occupied by their own thoughts. Let’s see, an old man passes right in front of me.


That was easy. Heck, this crowded place really sped things up a bit. Hmmm… he got a huge sum of money for such an old idiot.

Another one passed by. He’s dressed kinda funny, although I think he’s of high standing because he have a cloak on. This guy probably have a lot of gold too. I trailed him slowly… wait for the right moment… and then…


Whoa, got it. Easy as pie. Just when I was gonna turn around onto the other direction, I felt something gripped my arm. The arm holding the bag of gold.

“Give it back,” the man I just stole from demanded.
“Well… ok,” I said.

He let go of my arm.

As soon as my arm is free, I started running. Running from that cloaked person. I never expected my theft to be busted so easily. Am I getting nervous? Why would I get nervous about that guy? Maybe I’m just still sleepy. Oh and it’s daytime too.

Just when I thought I was beginning to lose him, he suddenly got hold of my back. He encircled his arms around my torso and began to restrict me of any movement. His arms were strong compared to my light body. I’m beginning to feel some great pain on my chest.

“Give back what you stole thief!” He shouted.
“Ok ok! Alright! Just let go of me!” I was practically grasping for air now.

I dropped the bag of gold on the ground then he released me as he picks it up. Phew, I can breathe normal again.

“Hey, aren’t you forgetting something?”
“What? I already gave you what you ask. What more do you want from me?”
“Ahem. Interest?”

He gave me a somewhat demonic look. What the heck? Interest? But I… I have no choice. I know for sure that I’m no match for this guy if we fought one on one even with my daggers. I must just do what he says if I want to get away in one piece.

“Alright here take it!” I raised my hands in front of me defensively.
“Good,” he smiled slyly.

The heck… I never really expected to get caught while stealing by the person I’m stealing from. Much less got my own gold taken by him. Some thief am I.

“Some thief you are. Don’t get caught next time. Especially by me.”

Yeah I know right?

“Oh, you found him already David?”

Someone else came to the scene. This time it has the voice of a girl. I turned around. Hey guess what? it really was a girl. She’s kinda petite looking and have this kind of, weird staff on her hand. She walked up to blondie and said something I didn’t understand. Or rather, something I DO NOT want to understand.

“David, he’s also an unentity like us.”
“What? This scumbag thief who don’t know how to not get caught while stealing? Ironic.”
“Believe me, he is.”
“Well, ok. If you say so.”

Blondie approached me.

“Hey blue guy.”
“Don’t call me that. I have a name you know.”
“Oh really? Then what is the name of the blue guy.”
“I’m Shin. Shin Break. But I’m mostly known as Breaker.”

“Whoa, I like that. ‘Breaker’.”

He smiled slyly again. No doubt in my mind. This man is scheming something that’s not good for me. Yeah, really bad business. I hate Tristan…

“Apparently Breaker, you are one of us.”
“One of… what?”

The girl approached us and then began to speak also.

“Why don’t we go somewhere where we could sit? I getting tired of standing,” she said.

We settled against the trunk of a huge tree. There, they explained a whole lot of things to me. They said that we’re what they called an Unentity and we travel through time and space. It was just plain unbelievable. I think my I.Q. is dropping by the second. And then another one came up over us. This one have reddish-brown hair, medium build, and is carrying a long polearm rested on his shoulder.

“Whoa Elyse, David. Who do we have here?” The man asked.
“He’s one of us Randy. His name’s Breaker. He’s also an Unentity,” the girl called Elyse explained.
“Woohoohoo. Ya kept getting more and more companions eh, Elyse?”

I continued to introduce myself to them and them to me. What have I gotten myself into? Are these people time travelers? Well, they do dressed funny. But, it just couldn’t be possible.

After some time, they decided to go to somewhere else. They said they’re meeting someone at a certain tavern here in Tristan. And they wanted me to go with them. I don’t really think it’s a good idea, but as long as it could benefit me, then why not? I followed them as we went inside a tavern. That is, after the red-headed guy treated all of us to some shakes.

Inside the tavern, we went into a table already occupied by two people. I think these two are with them since the smaller one with the red hat greeted them when we came over.

It’s not for long that an old man walked up to us and dropped a queer-looking book on the table. He sat and began talking to us with some mysterious things that I don’t understand. He explained something about a Devourer, and The Four Seals. I’m like a sitting duck among all of us because of my ignorance.

After the old man, which was apparently named Nades, finishes his explanation, the book suddenly crumbled to dust. I was dumbfounded. I’ve seen magic before, but every time I see one right before my eyes, I would be in a state of shock. I’m not really used to seeing these things. Much less believing it.

The old man bid us farewell and exited the tavern. From here on, our group decided to take on a new journey toward some sort of things I don’t, and don’t even want to, understand. But I think I will, sooner or later. Since, from now on, I’m going to be traveling with these guys who call themselves an Unentity. Apparently, I am also the same.

Breaker's Broodings #1
Sunlight Sickness

I woke up.

My head… Oh my aching head. What time is it I wonder? Is it morning… again? I’ve been waking up on mornings and noons these past few weeks. Man I hate Tristan. This city really put my thieving skills to the test. What was it that happened last night? That guard. He caught me sliding my hands under that woman’s skirt, trying to steal that small golden stone attached to her stockings. Argh, I would have been enjoying a nice hot breakfast at a luxury inn right now if it wasn’t for that meddlesome guard. I really hate it here.

But I have no choice. I am a wanted man at Brindtsong so I have to go overseas and I ended up here. Well, whatever. What’s done is done.

So it’s morning huh? Wait, is it noon already? The sun is already high above the tall walls of the city. Oh man.

I walked out of my room in the tavern and into the hot outdoors, giving the bartender a thoughtful nod. A guard by door said that it’s safe to go out now. Since when did it become ‘unsafe’ to go out? I did not understand him.

Sunlight. My number one enemy. My eyes feel like they’re burning. I need to get a shade and fast.

While searching, a few pile of dead bodies caught my eye. I asked the guard by the pile what happened. Hey just a sec… is that the same guard that was inside the tavern? He looked kinda similar.

He explained that there had been a revolution of sorts. That some activists are rallying up to overthrow the current leaders of the country. Those are the kind of things that I don’t and won’t even dare to understand. Let them fight, I could careless. Besides, more disputes mean more people that are unaware of their pockets. Good business for me.

I embraced my fear again and continue down the road to the town plaza.

Randy's Notes #1
Enter Breaker

This… Breaker guy. Funny thief he is. This guy wore a strange blue hat, and was pretty much blue all over. I don’t trust him wholly, but I can’t say I distrust him as well.

  • Breaker’s an unentity, just like the rest of us bunch of misfits.
  • He’s a thief.
  • He smells of the eastern pollen. Must be from Balta or Helenia. Can’t be too sure.

I treated Breaker, David, Elyse, and myself to a few milkshakes. Nades also came over with a book that had “borrowed time”. It was about the Devourer, and how we could find out more about it.

The old man said we needed to go to four seals scattered around the continent. I didn’t think this would be easy, but we’ve gone this far in order to stop it. Why stop now?

We headed for the first seal in Ires, the land of… Gentlemanly Barbarians, however that makes sense. We employed the help of an eccentric ship captain who spoke via parrot to take us there.

Took around 4 days to get to Ires. We got off at a small fishing town named Umisha, just a few miles off the Seal. Asked around the Bounty Office for the seal, because we had on idea where to go. Turns out it was only a few miles north, possibly inside a cave past the frozen tundra.

We also renewed our hunting licenses. I find it strange how the keeper didn’t even wince at the “Last Registered” part of our cards. That was around 50 years in the past.

We journeyed through the tundra and fought a few nuisance Kobolds on the way. We reached the cave, and I’d say I was astonished by its walls made from reflective crystal. Because of this, the cave wasn’t exactly dark, as light from the outside bounces infinitely inside.

We navigated the labyrinthine paths of the caves, and even fell into a quicksand trap(Breaker, watch yourself next time). Passing the labyrinth, we found a glowing blue rock inscribed with a character I don’t recognize.

Elyse touched said stone, and quietly sang a soothing song to make it stop glowing. I assume she shut the seal down.

All of a sudden, pillars of earth emerged around us, and trapped us in a large circular arena. Heard a loud roar of rage echo throughout the hall. Then, stones, gravel, marble, and other treasure from the cave coalesced into a large rock being wielding a giant sword.

Our gunner, David, apparently saw through a weakness on the creature’s arm. Apparently, it was only held by a few tiny veins. We cut it down, and the creature collapsed…

…Only to turn out the Sword was the actual enemy. A floating sword. Insane.

Our group fought off some skeleton attacks, while some of us also focused on the floating sword. We slowly broke the blade, revealing a red, bloody inner core.

David, along with Elyse and Remi, delivered a final blow at the inner core. The entity collapsed… and left us with treasure to loot.

After that, we went back to town, rested up a bit… and we set out for the Second Seal in Balta.

Elyse's Thoughts #1
Leaving Rustria...

It was a long journey helping Marcus and Nades resolve their romantic conflict. I’m glad those two men finally came to a conclusion. They were kind and all and it’s such a shame to seem them bickering.

Though, it’s as I guessed. Remi is also an Unentity… Why is it that I seem to be running into the unentities everywhere?

We went back to the Time Nexus, only to find that the Nexus was now on top of a huge ship deck! It’s quite a surprise… Did Cross and Dolan build this by themselves?

Still feeling quite down about Cross, I played around with my glowy toy. It may me feel even just a bit better. Then, David came up to me.

He asked if I was alright after that incident with Cross. I told him I’m fine and all. Maybe I shouldn’t have slapped Cross. He’d probably still be here if I didn’t. But it’s my fault, so I can’t cry over it.

So, I told David that we should keep going for our objective – to find out more about the Haedron.

Clarissa then called on everyone. She said she had a plan.

She split our normally large group into two; David and her being the leader of each group. She told us that we can cover more group if we split up. It’s okay, since she has her scrapbook and all.

But I still don’t know how she can time travel with that scrapbook. I know that only the crystal in the Chrono Staff could be used to time travel with memories. I wonder if there’s something she’s not telling me. I tried asking her once but she told me it just goes “clamp”.

David took me with his group, along with Remi and Dawn again. I wonder if he likes me and Remi…?

Clarissa and the rest went ahead of us… They left for 203AR, I think. As for us, we went back to 412AR Rustria so we can get to the Tristan Library.

David and Dawn though wanted to check up on Nades though. But I was worried that Nades will remember us as the people who helped him in a crisis situation… Even more so since we’re still young unlike him.

When we went in, Nades was sure confused. David just dismissed us being grandchildren of our younger version. It actually worked! But then, Remi came in. Nades went into a panic and dropped things from the counter. It was actually kinda funny.

Nades really recognized Remi. She did disguise herself as some stranger version of her name to keep it safe. Nades then reveals that he could’ve married Remi if he were younger. I don’t know if that’s a thought I want to dwell on…

We asked if we could take his metal carriage for a ride. It’s destroyed though… and Marcus wasn’t off for the better too. They both destroyed their vehicles by driving unsafely.

So, we went back to the past to tell both of them to take care of their metal carriages and drive safely. It kind of worked…

…Except we completely changed his future and ended up in one where he doesn’t live in Rustria anymore. So much for a ride free of charge… We ended up taking a carriage ride to Tristan instead.

In the middle of the night, however, our carriage stopped. The whole crowd was then shocked awake by an extremely powerful blow to the front of the vehicle. It pushed the metal inward. It trapped us inside and killed the driver and the people.

Who could do such a horrible thing…?

Dawn then asked me to hand him a bomb to open the back of the carriage. With his quick motions, he blasted the back open for us and the survivors to escape. And that’s when we went face to face with the criminal…

He was a floating figure with an iron mask and wearing a long, red cape. He only had that, and a pair of floating metallic gauntlets. He told us to just refer to him as “Iron Mask”. For some reason though, I’m not exactly frightened by his form…

The masked man told us to stop messing with the continuity of time. And strangely, he was also after me… and wanted kill me. Why is he after me? I don’t even know him!

But is he also a time traveler?

David, headstrong man as he is, jumped in to defend me. Dawn also stepped forward and called the man a hyprocrite for killing people that aren’t Unentities. Remi stepped in to help too.

The Iron Mask delivered some serious punches on David. I was a bit frightened, so I quickly rushed to his aid with a potion. I’m glad these things work in an instant!

Although he still put up a little fight, he was completely overwhelemed by the four of us. At that time, I signaled David to help me cast a powerful spell. I called down a small bolt of lightning, then scattered it on Iron Mask with his light magic.

Dawn and Remi finished off the Iron Mask by crashing a burning tree on him. It was really impressive to see them working together!

But then, his Iron Mask just flew out of the burning tree and reformed the rest of his body. It’s a good thing that he decided to retreat for now. I don’t think we could’ve taken a full beating from him if he kept on going.

With our vehicle destroyed and all, we just decided to walk the remaining day. But a strange knight in black armor came to our rescue – he called on a rescue party too… on a giant mantaray!

From there, we flew to Tristan, hoping to finally find out more about the Haedron.

Proteus D. Alexander - Character Log
"Remembering the Past" by Ken Writer

Proteus Dawn Alexander woke up in a mysterious realm called the Time Nexus, imprisoned from his memory; however, during his travels with David, Randy, Elise, and others, he gradually remembers where he was before entering the Time Nexus.

Brief flashes of images storm through his mind and the captivating and familiar aroma of Amelia is as if there whenever he’d interact with people or objects affiliated to Amelia starting with the pool of blood during the adventure on the time of the Hydron. With the sight of blood, Proteus remembers the name of Amelia Fanning. An image of her fills his mind and there and then he knew that he needs to find that woman, whoever she is. There seems to be some kind of deep emotional attachment with her that Proteus can’t forget. He has a strong feeling that when he finds her, he’d remember everything—who he was, how he lived, and what he did.

But little does he know, he is actually a renowned scientist in his place of work. He has developed devices related to electromagnetism wherein Amelia helped him. They were partners and even more than that, although somewhere in the middle of their work, their area was attacked by unknown forces. They produced the sounds of terrifying and deafening frequencies that would leave one petrified. These “things” took Amelia, but Proteus retaliated and he armed himself with Amelia’s invention, the sniper rifle, and tried to shoot, but the “thing” got him first and hit him with a high dosage of electrical burst enough to make him forget everything except Amelia. The last thing he heard was her scream and agony.

Proteus fell from a high place, considering that where they worked was a 50-storey building, but when he thought he was about to die, he fell into a portal—that leads to the Time Nexus. In a lucky second, Proteus survives, not without Amelia’s invention—“Marcus”, the sniper rifle, imbued with nanobots that induce high electromagnetic energy (EE) fields that can manipulate matter surrounding the rifle. It doesn’t need bullets, but it needs “gravity”; otherwise, it can’t fire.

It would seem that the electrical burst that came from the “thing” exponentially increased the
EE fields which caused it to create a portal or wormhole.

Whatever it was, it saved Proteus.

“Was my name Dawn Fenix?”

Since the electrical outburst was intense, Proteus only remembers the names of those dear to him. Fenix comes from his grandfather, Fenix Alexander, and Dawn is apparently from his mother, Sarah Dawn.


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