() Vankovich, Gottfried "Freed"

"Ya 'gonna eat that, eh?"



Freed is an eight and a half foot tall giant with a toothy grin and small beady brown eyes under a single thick orange brow. He’s bald with an orange beard and lots of curly orange chest hair. He’s wider than two men standing side by side, and eats enough for ten.


Freed is slow-witted, simple, happy-go-lucky, straight-forward, boisterous, and very brave to the point of recklessness. He talks a lot when he’s drunk and will strike a chat with anybody. He is often found in taverns singing and eating with a bunch of strangers as though they were old pals. Though he has a good heart, he is easily angered, and resolves conflicts by challenging the offender to a fight. He is also easily pacified since he is na├»ve and easily believes lies-he also calms down when presented with food. He follows a soldier’s code and will put aside differences for the sake of a friend or an important mission. As a soldier, he is very protective of his friends and will sacrifice his life for others. He does not like traitors and anyone who threatens his friends will soon find out what fighting a monster is like.


1. Was there a significant figure in your character’s past (for better or for worse)? Who/What was it?

For better: Freed’s father was a good man whom Freed admired since he was a child.

His father taught him how to be a good, strong, independent, and honest man, he taught Freed to fight honourably and respect his enemies by killing them painlessly, to protect his friends with his life, and to use his strength for good, never for evil.

Freed hopes to be the kind of man his father would be proud of.

2. What did your character do for a living before the story?

Freed was a soldier of the Federation serving in the 10th Battalion under the classification of Heavy Infantry.

Because of his strength, he was often assigned as a disrupter of enemy formations or a path opener in the front line, his other jobs included grunt work, carrying the battering ram, and for special operations he was usually assigned with the assault team as their forward man who protects the advancing soldiers with a large heavy shield.

In his free time, Freed eats, drinks, and swaps stories with his squad. His favorite pastime is wrestling, looking for monsters to fight, and training.

3. Does your character have any traumas or aversions to certain objects/events?

Freed is terrified of women/girls/ladies/etc. as long as he can recognize them as such.

Freed dislikes the malicious and those who love gore. Most of all, he hates traitors, and those who treat his friends badly.

Freed does not trust enemy soldiers.

4. Was there a special event that changed your character’s life(for better of for worse)?

For worse: In their village, women show affection through violence. Punches meant a woman was fond of you, rib-breaking hugs meant that they will sacrifice for you, headbutts meant they loved you and will follow you anywhere.

When Freed was a child, he was small for his kind, that is because Freed wasn’t a pure Lunder. The Lunders are a race of men whom people say are descended from giants. They grow to be taller than ten feet, and are wider than two horses standing side by side. They have dark brown to bright orange hair, black, brown, or blue eyes, and are as tough, hard, and stubborn as the land they live in. They live on the Frozen Tundras in a region where the trees are gigantic, and the animals are huge. The men fight, while the women hunt. They are hard-working, simple, and love eating, drinking, and most of all fighting.

Freed’s Father was an average man who fell in love with a lunderling woman. Being half-blood, Freed did not grow to be as large as his playmates and so was seen as weak because of his size, but the girls found him adorable, and would often pinch him, hug him, punch him, headbutt him, and treat him like a doll which has traumatized Freed.

Then one day, their village leader surprised Freed by pledging his daughter, Helga, to him in marriage after Freed tamed a dangerous beast that had entered their village. Helga was the strongest girl in the village and the most possessive woman who reduced her suitors into servants and shamed them by always doting on them, and so Freed ran away from home and joined the army.

5. What drove your character to adventure?

First it was food, then it was because Freed learned that the world needed him, and if somebody needed his help, then that’s good enough for him. As the story developed, he learned that his home might be destroyed if the masked man wasn’t stopped, and so he is going in this adventure to protect his home.

6. If there are any, what motives would your character have in joining random adventurers?

The thrill of fighting challenging opponents. Freed loves a good fight, the harder the better. Freed also understands the importance of weapons and armor, so he may join random adventures for the money to buy better equipment, even if it’s boring.

7. Does your character have anyone he is in pursuit of? / Any character pursuing him?

In pursuit of: The masked man

Character pursuing Freed (Freed is unaware): Helga with the help of her lady friends.

8. What goal is your character trying to accomplish as a result of his past?

As a soldier, Freed has seen his friends die in battle, and he does not want to feel that pain again, nor does he wish others to feel that way too. He simply wants to be stronger than his opponents so that he will never be a burden to his companions, also so that he can protect them for a long time, the girls included.

() Vankovich, Gottfried "Freed"

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