()Razenkraut, Elyse

The girl who jumped through time


Attributes & Stats

Level: 5
HP: 46 (35 + 6 + 5)
MP: 74 (42 + 27 + 5)
SP: 9 (7 + 2)

Str: 2
Int: 9
Dex: 9
End: 2
Sol: 9
Evd: 7

Derived Stats & Bonuses

End HP Bonus: +6
Soul MP Bonus: +27
Soul SP Bonus: +2
Physical Amplify: +2
Magic Amplify: +9
Evasion Rate: 7 (5 + 2)
Block/Parry Rate:
Magic Success: +2
Keeness: +3

Physical Damage: 2
Magical Damage: 19 (9


Main Hand: Chrono Staff 1d8+5 magic damage, +10 Magic Damage
Off Hand: Used
Armor: Clothes +5HP/MP
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:


Toss Item Toss certain items accurately || /
Potions and Poultices Create supportive potions perfectly || /
Lethal Chemicals Wield deadly chemicals safely. || /
Voltage 2 Deal 2d6 Wea. damage, inflict “Seal” on an opponenet by 25% chance || 15MP


Item Knowledge
First Aid
Treasure Hunter


Level Progression

Current Level: 5


Bag 7/10
Chrono Staff (2)
x? Potion (2) || Heals 20HP
x? Bomb (3)


Mother’s Glowout


Age: 14
Height: 4’9"
Weight: ??
Likes: Strange and alien things, exploring, alchemy
Dislikes: Sour food, taking risks, scary things

Elyse is a young girl who wields the Chrono Staff, a staff that enables its user to travel back and forth through time. She claims to have come from over 2000 years ago from present, but for some reason cannot head back to her own time. She was sent to other times by her mother in order do some sort of difficult task she could not do herself.

Elyse is softspoken yet not exactly shy. She is straightforward in her goals but no one knows if she enjoys her role or not. She has quite a negative impression of how people think about her and is often worried about her actions. Elyse always gives her 100% to whatever people ask her to do, given that she is completely willing to do so.

She likes things that seem strange and alien, exploring and alchemy.

()Razenkraut, Elyse

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