()Nesbury, Randy

A struggling writer in a Golden Age.


Attributes & Stats

Level: 4
HP: 76 (41 + 25 + 10)
MP: 51 (25 + 26)

Str: 10
Int: 5
Dex: 6
End: 5
Sol: 7
Evd: 6

Derived Stats & Bonuses

HP Buffer: +10
MP Bonuses:
Accuracy Bonus: +3
Evade Rate: 8 (5 + 3)
Endurance HP Bonus: 15 + 10
Soul MP Bonus: 21 + 5
Magic Success: +3
Blocking: +2
Dmg Up Phys: +9
Dmg Up Mag: +5


Weapon: Iron Halberd d10 10~17
Off Weapon:
Armor: Leather Plate 10
Accessory 1: Walk Shoes || Mov
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:


Crash lv.1 || Pow:14, stun || 14MP
First Aid lv.1 || Pow:10, heal self-only || 14MP
Payback lv.1 || 50% HP lost as damage || 25MP


Survival First


Level Progression

Current Level: 4


Polans(P) = 1500

Bag 6/10
Iron Halberd (2)
x2 Ether(3) (2)
x2 Potion(3) (2)

Feather Pen
Ink Bottle


Age: 21
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 179lbs.
Likes: Inspiration, exotic locales, monster hunting, writing
Dislikes: Mood killers, creepy crawlies, slimy things

Randy is a small time, struggling writer. As a side-effect of his profession, he is slightly eccentric and is unafraid to speak his mind. Strangely, he is also a competent monster hunter despite being a writer. He also apparently likes to chase skirts.

He is always seen to be writing something in a small journal when not in combat. He claims this to be his journal to help him write his next novel which will hopefully be his most successful yet. Nothing has come out of this yet. He is also shown to have photographic memory, which he claims really helps with his writing. Again, nothing has come out of this.

Bright Historia
  • During a quieter night in the adventure, David sits down with Randy and asks him about a strange memory of him being “trying to stop” someone from getting hurt. Randy says that he had a sister once that he had lost to Yaya’s father… who is apparently immortal. His sister was sacrificed in order to power some sort of machine to make that man immortal. This loss was a core reason for him to go traveling around instead of writing.

()Nesbury, Randy

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