Fenix, Dawn

Lost in Time, Lost in Memories


Attributes & Stats

Level: 3
HP: 49 (23 + 21 + 5)
MP: 70 (35 + 30 + 5)

Str: 6
Int: 9
Dex: 5 + 2
End: 5
Sol: 7
Evd: 6

Derived Stats & Bonuses

HP Bonuses: +5
MP Bonuses: +5
Accuracy Bonus: +3
Evade Rate: 8 (5 + 3)
Endurance HP Bonus: 15 + 6
Soul MP Bonus: 21 + 9
Magic Success: +5 (3 + 2)
Blocking: +2
Dmg Up Phys: +6
Dmg Up Mag: +9


Weapon: Sniper Shotgun || 1d12 2~14
Off Weapon: Shotgun Mode || d8 4~12
Armor: Formal Wear +5HP/MP
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:


Transmutation || Healing, Base, Offense
Power Attack lvl.2 || Pow: 22 Line damage, Inaccurate -4
Tame Monster || 25MP


Tame Monster
Armor Wearing
Le Parkour


Level Progression

Current Level: 3
Total Exp: 2850
Next Level: 3750


Persona 4/10
Sniper Shotgun (2)
x1 Potion (1)
x1 Ether (1)

Amateur Forging Hammer
Destroyed Bunny Doll
x1 Mint

Key Items
Book: “Rumors on the Civil War”
Book: “Ancient Alchemy”
Book: “Modern War Magazine”
Book: “Kamasutra”
Nades’ Recommendation
Pocket Watch
World Map(412AR)


Proteus Dawn Alexander woke up in a mysterious realm called the Time Nexus, imprisoned from his memory; however, during his travels with David, Randy, Elise, and others, he gradually remembers where he was before entering the Time Nexus.

Brief flashes of images storm through his mind and the captivating and familiar aroma of Amelia is as if there whenever he’d interact with people or objects affiliated to Amelia starting with the pool of blood during the adventure on the time of the Hydron. With the sight of blood, Proteus remembers the name of Amelia Fanning. An image of her fills his mind and there and then he knew that he needs to find that woman, whoever she is. There seems to be some kind of deep emotional attachment with her that Proteus can’t forget. He has a strong feeling that when he finds her, he’d remember everything—who he was, how he lived, and what he did.

But little does he know, he is actually a renowned scientist in his place of work. He has developed devices related to electromagnetism wherein Amelia helped him. They were partners and even more than that, although somewhere in the middle of their work, their area was attacked by unknown forces. They produced the sounds of terrifying and deafening frequencies that would leave one petrified. These “things” took Amelia, but Proteus retaliated and he armed himself with Amelia’s invention, the sniper rifle, and tried to shoot, but the “thing” got him first and hit him with a high dosage of electrical burst enough to make him forget everything except Amelia. The last thing he heard was her scream and agony.

Proteus fell from a high place, considering that where they worked was a 50-storey building, but when he thought he was about to die, he fell into a portal—that leads to the Time Nexus. In a lucky second, Proteus survives, not without Amelia’s invention—“Marcus”, the sniper rifle, imbued with nanobots that induce high electromagnetic energy (EE) fields that can manipulate matter surrounding the rifle. It doesn’t need bullets, but it needs “gravity”; otherwise, it can’t fire.

It would seem that the electrical burst that came from the “thing” exponentially increased the
EE fields which caused it to create a portal or wormhole.

Whatever it was, it saved Proteus.

“Was my name Dawn Fenix?”

Since the electrical outburst was intense, Proteus only remembers the names of those dear to him. Fenix comes from his grandfather, Fenix Alexander, and Dawn is apparently from his mother, Sarah Dawn.

Fenix, Dawn

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