| Dolan

A man standing at the end of time.




Initially thought of as a weakling Elyse pulled into the Time Nexus.

He turns out to be someone who willing sent himself into the Nexus to conduct further research on a sort of “Primal Force”.

It is still unknown if he is pretending to be a pansy or not.

Confirmed to be Diorano’s son.

Dolan is secretly the mastermind behind the events of Bright Historia. Rather, he is responsible for almost all of the largest conflicts in the Revolutions storyline. He is responsible for driving Urd-Kriemhild mad, releasing the Demon Crater in Gaul, setting the events of the 353AR Great War into motion, the Twilight of the Gods, Bright Historia, and many more.

His true name is Vattos, the claimed “One-True God” of the ruling religion in Aleria. Dolan has claimed that he has manipulated most events in recent history in order to bring him closer to his “property”, the Akashic Records. The Records were kept away from him by another being, disallowing any further misuse of it.

But through his manipulations in Bright Historia, his goal has been furthered even more, now granting him nigh infinite access to the Akashic Records, with no known reason for now.

| Dolan

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