() Break, Shin "Breaker"

A thief found by Elyse at a tavern in Tristan.


Attributes & Stats

Level: 5
HP: 52 (33 + 9 + 10)
MP: 30 (21 + 9)
SP: 4

Str: 3
Int: 2
Dex: 13
End: 3
Sol: 3
Evd: 13

Derived Stats & Bonuses

End HP Bonus: +9
Soul MP Bonus: +9
Soul SP Bonus:
Physical Amplify: +3
Magic Amplify: +2
Evasion Rate: 9 (5 + 4)
Block/Parry Rate:
Magic Success:
Keeness: +4

Physical Damage: 2d4+7 (15)
Magical Damage: +2


Main Hand: Dagger 1d4+2
Off Hand: Dagger 1d4+2 || ??/30
Armor: Cloth Armor +10 HP
Accessory 1:
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:


Inflict 1: Inflicts Poison. || 12/1
Perfect Metal 1: All attacks deal maximum damage. || 12/2
Scar Blade 2: 1d6 element. Damage +10 || 14/1


Le Parkour
Treasure Hunter

Dual Wield
Refined Arts: Dagger

Level Progression

Current Level: 5
Total Exp: 3750
Next Level: 5500


Money: 140G

x1 Bear Trap
x3 MP Potion || Heals 30MP

x1 Silver Bullion


Age: 23
Height: 5’8’’
Weight: ??
Likes: Fish, Dark Places, Blades
Dislikes: High Places, Sunlight

Shin is a downtown thief who grew up at the dark city of Felor on the country of Balta. He was an adopted son of the leader of an infamous band of thieves called Violet. Growing up, he already practiced thievery and had never experienced the kind of things that most child does, never even knowing the light of day. When Shin came of age, he was finally given by his boss an assignment that requires leaving the city’s dark walls, even though the mission was an assassination. But on the way to his destination, he collapsed without even covering up a quarter of the distance he have to travel. He woke up two weeks later, on the bed of a concerned citizen that happened to be passing by. The citizen told him that he was a doctor and explained that Shin developed a certain state of mind called ‘Heliophobia’. Despaired by the sudden conclusion, he ran outside the house, and embraced his fear. He became an infamous thief after that incident and became widely known as “Breaker” for he break into people’s houses at night with ease without a single soul noticing him. He failed to continue his mission, however, for he swore to never kill a person without valid reason.

Shin, despite his murderer eyes looks, has a very good sense of humor. This maybe because of the things he needed to do to distract his victim so he could easily search their pockets for valuables. There was also a pun about his infamous “Breaker” title that, he breaks women’s hearts by making them fall for him and then he, after stealing all the things that they had, would leave them with nothing. After living in Felor for 15 years, his eyes developed some kind of a condition that enabled him to see well in the dark. He has also a queer attraction for bladed things, especially daggers, and is quite skilled with it. This trait of him might be the one that prompted his ‘father’ boss to choose him to be the one to assassinate the headmaster of Yuran, Sever Rain.

() Break, Shin "Breaker"

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