()Blanchémeté, Fillie

A young lady who has learned her own pain


Attributes & Stats

Level: 5
HP: 52 (40 + 12)
MP: 40 (23 + 12 + 5)
SP: 7 (6+1)

Str: 6
Int: 4
Dex: 7
End: 4
Sol: 4
Evd: 9

Derived Stats & Bonuses

End HP Bonus: +12
Soul MP Bonus: +12
Soul SP Bonus: +1
Physical Amplify: +6
Magic Amplify: +4
Evasion Rate: 8 (5 + 3)
Block/Parry Rate: +1
Magic Success: +1
Keeness: +2

Physical Damage: 2d4+15 (15)
Magical Damage: +4


Weapon: Combat Knife || 1d4+6
Off Hand: Kitchen Knife || 1d4+3
Dual Wield Damage: 2d4 + 9
Armor: Clothes
Accessory 1: Mage Ring 1 || MP +5
Accessory 2:
Accessory 3:


Faux Strike If the attack is blocked/evaded, deal regular damage. If not, then no damage. || 6MP/1SP
Scar Blade 2 1d6 element. Damage is element +10 1rng || 14MP/1SP
Taunt Call out an opponent to attack you more often. || 1SP


Blind Luck

Dual Wield

Level Progression

Current Level: 5


Money = 100G

Combat Knife (1)
Kitchen Knife (1)
x3 Potion (3)

Power Tool Box


Age: Looks 13
Height: 4’8"
Weight: ??
Likes: Fish, athletics, shiny objects
Dislikes: Nuts, vegetables, garbage

Fillie is a very young girl who has made a career out of thievery. She is smaller than many girls her age but is very athletic. She uses this to assist her in her shenanigans. Fillie says that she steals obsessively so that she may be able to pay a big debt to someone. She steals a different assortment of things, even things that do not seem to hold any real monetary value.

Despite being a thief, Fillie is surprisingly obedient to elders and people of authority(at least those that aren’t out to catch her). She often shoots her mouth off without thinking. Though her manner of speech is rude, she occasionally displays an air of politeness and respect. Fillie is also always seen her red, brightly decorated and fluffy hat. She makes all efforts to never lose the aforementioned hat.

Bright Historia
  • Fillie is the youngest child of the once eminent Blanchémeté noble family. Her family fell from grace after a certain incident caused the family to become disgraced in the eyes of other aristocrats and nobles.

()Blanchémeté, Fillie

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