()Aventi, Remilia "Remi"

The prodigal magician from Yuran


Level: 8
HP: 67 (33 + 24 + 10)
MP: 90 (48 + 27 + 15)
SP: 7 (5 + 2)

Str: 5
Int: 13
Dex: 7
End: 8
Sol: 9
Evd: 7

Derived Stats & Bonuses

End HP Bonus: +24
Soul MP Bonus: +27
Soul SP Bonus: +2
Physical Amplify: +5
Magic Amplify: +13
Evasion Rate: 8 (5 + 2 + 1)
Block/Parry Rate: +1
Magic Success: +4
Keeness: +2

Physical Damage: +7
Magical Damage: 28 (15 + 13)


Weapon: Graduate’s Stave 1d6+8 magic damage, +15 Magical Damage
Off Hand:
Armor: Lab coat +10HP/15MP
Accessory 1: Ring of Guidance || “We will always guide you”
Accessory 2: Wing Shoes || +1 Evade
Accessory 3:


Fire Spear 2 3d6 fire damage || 15MP Suc10
Cold Spear 2 3d6 ice damage || 15MP Suc10
Extensive Research + 1d4 Success || 0/0
Cure 1 Heal 2d6 + 2(level) HP. Damages dark || 12MP
Magmatic Flare 1 2d8+5 fire damage to enemies near caster. Deal 2d6 damage to self. || 22MP Suc11



Hold Spell
Magic Lore

Level Progression

Current Level: 8
Total Exp: -
Next Level: -


Persona 7/10
Graduate’s Stave (2)
x2 Potion(3) (2)
x3 Ether(3) (3)
x1 Elixir(1) (1)

x2 Fuel Dirt
x2 Mint

Key Items
World Map(353AR)


Full Name: Remilia Nemtript Aventi
Age: 19?
Height: 5’4"
Weight: ??
Likes: Milk, sweets, cute animals, dependable people
Dislikes: The opposite of her likes

Remilia is a graduate of Yuran School of Magic and a servant of the shy yet high-class Lily Yumeria. Remilia is extremely devoted to her master Lily and even considers her family. She lets out an aura of sophistication and expertise but is actually rather brash and short-tempered. She typically does not condone strange behavior because she is quite afraid of things she doesn’t know. Despite that, she cares deeply about the people around her.

She would always be seen wearing a lab coat over any form of clothing she may be wearing at a time. Even up to now, no one knows why that is, except for Lily who refuses to explain the reason. She also hangs out with some junior students, such as Nades and Marcus, who are both practitioners of alchemy.

She likes milk, sweets, cute animals and dependable people. She hates most of the things opposite of what she likes.

Bright Historia
  • After meeting up with the party, she is “released” by Lily to go adventuring. It is revealed she has always had the dream to adventure outside of Yuran’s territory, but was held back by her studies and love for Lily.

()Aventi, Remilia "Remi"

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