Fanning, Amelia G.

Proteus' fiancee


Dr. Amelia Glydel Fanning is a renowned scientist in Arkania, a place near the Arka ruins. Before the events of “Revolutions”, she worked as an archaeologist and medical engineer in Arka as they’ve extracted numerous powerful, alien devices seemly related to time fluctuations and electromagnetic intensity.

In her educational background, she took up most sciences and got aced them except biology in which case she only got minor. She graduated the highest in the batch and was dubbed as “Genius Glydel”. She invented many devices soon after she had graduated. One of which is the Electromagnetic Chakrams which induce electricity unto opponents when drawn close to its proximity and produce electric outburst that blows up in all directions. She dubbed this as “a way to protect women of society” in her investigative paper.

Presently, she is working with Proteus Dawn Alexander, a spitting image of her but the only differences is seen in gender. With him, she works better and produces more fruitful results such as the “marcus” sniper. There have been many rumors that Proteus and Amelia have romantic relationship. It wasn’t until the day before the “things” attacked the ruins that Proteus and Amelia declared they were lovers. Before that, they had been going out and enjoying themselves to the point of ecstasy. Amelia became engaged to Proteus and both parties want to contribute something to the world before they retire.

Notice how her inventions are related to weapons. Arkanian technology focuses on weapon’s development in Arka ruins. Other sites of Arkanian ruins have different focus; it just so happens the pay is more here than the others.

To have a little background since Amelia devoted her life in Arkanian technology, Arkania is believed to be a very ancient race, older than the famed Atlantis. They had forged great power from manipulating the four fundamental universal forces: strong force, weak force, electromagnetism and gravity. Before they could achieve the height of the grand unified power of these elements, they were destroyed by their own people; too much power led to the blindness of their people.

Fanning, Amelia G.

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