Revolutions Series

As I enjoy using my swords, I am well aware that all current common and rare existing weapons will break or lose it’s edge. On my spare time outside training, combat and charting, I’ve been able to find enough consistent time for researching on modern technology and have been looking for ways to apply them for weaponry construction. I’ve been working on a State-of-the-Art weapon that uses a magnetic field to contain a stream of superheated plasma, able to cut through any material with ease also having ample weight on the handle and is impervious to any damage. below is an image of the supposed final product of my design


Although it runs short on what I can afford at the moment and I will also need the proper technology to forge said weapon and I will need a few people who are knowledgeable in this field. Perhaps sometime before we get to Sebulba I might be able to create it, after seeing what this “Iron Mask” is capable of, there is huge need for me to get one made.

End of log



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