Revolutions Series

Freed's Letters #1

"How do ya' spell 'a' again?"

Dear, mumsie’,

It’s bin’ ages since ay’ wrote. Aym’ not sure wot happened, but ay’ ain’t in the army no more. Aym’ with sum people who can go to tomorrow, or yesterday, no matter how long it is. Aym’ fine, aym’ havin’ the time of me life. I found a dragon and named it, Misha, you would ‘ave liked ’er, she’s small but she eats like me. We’re in a flyin’ boat, me, David, JIn, Shin, and a mage-I forgot his name, but I don’t like him. They’re me new friends now- o’, and some girls who are scary, but they’re nice.

Ay’ fought a giant lizard with horns like the rampedes in the mountains back there at home, a giant plant that was alive, some ugly butterflies, and a ‘uge black blob that looked like a jellyfish. There was also that rock-man thing, and a snake with wings, ya’ would’ve loved to roast that-its meat was the rosiest of pinks. I also got me a pickaxe and some cutters, I’m tired of mining with my fists. I also made a kite and drew pictures in Shin’s face while he was sleeping.

Jin’s a swordsman, he’s small and scrawny, but ’e’s really fast. He’s also boring, he doesn’t talk much. David, I like, we drink and eat together and he’s a good leader. I don’t like the way he treats the women, though- no respect. Shin is quiet-too quiet, sometimes it’s like ’e’s not even there. And the mage, I don’t like ‘im one bit. He has an evil glare in ’is eye, like he’s planning something evil, but he’s one of us, so I got no choice but to live with ‘im-Mumsie, I gots to go, the Captain’s calling us. I’ll write more when I got the time.




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