Revolutions Series

Freed's Letter #5

"Wha' happened?'

Dear Mum,

I woke up today and found out me’ friends had left for a huntin’ job in a mine, Randy said Misha’s gone with ‘em and so aym’ alone ‘cept for the girls and Randy. Aym’ also sick, but I don’t remember ‘ow I got sick. I wish I could ’ave gone with them, huntin’ monsters, they must be havin’ a great time!

Someone came to our room this mornin’, a fisherman by the looks of ‘im. He came to give a pouch of coins, he said it was for someone I don’t remember, but there is a letter from a man named Leo sayin’ thank you and an apology for forgetting to fix a broken knuckle weapon.

Oh well, I think I’ll go sleep again. Be well, mum.

Love, Gottfried



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