Revolutions Series

Freed's Letter #4

A sad letter written in untidy handwriting

Dear Mum,

Today had settled it, my friends are turnin’ evil, except for Jin, he’s still the same. We had another adventure today where we had to get information from an assassin and when David and Hayate where questionin’ her, they were . . . they had a look in their eyes that was worse than an animal’s . . . the ones I’ve only seen on bitter men and men who love hurtin’ others, who love feelin’ the power they have over weaker people. I’m not takin’ the side of the assassin . . . I would do whatever it takes to make her talk if she threatened my friends, but not with eyes like those . . . not with fists that strike with malice. When I told them they were turin’ cruel, David said I killed Elise- the girl I cut down in the mage tower, mum? But it’s not the same . . . I did it to save them, David was hurtin’ the assassin out of rage- ya’ should have heard the poison from his tongue! And Hayate was hurtin’ her out of glee. I saw him smilin’ as he beat her face with his fist . . . I don’t like men like those . . . I feel uncomfortable, mum . . . I feel like I’m different from them, or they’re different from me . . .

I wish I could talk to ya’ ‘bout my feelings, mum, ya’ always knew the right things ta’ say.




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