Revolutions Series

Fillie's Confessions #1

Not as Clean-Cut

You really have to forgive me for what I did earlier. It was reckless, and I caused trouble for everyone. At that time I collected those coins, I forgot why money was such a big deal for me. It was all greed. That was it…

It’s true. That girl, Laura, really was my grandma. I couldn’t believe that she could flaunt the family name like that. I’ve always admired her, but I heard her horror stories when I was really young. They didn’t sound very possible, ‘cuz I knew my family was all about honor and respect. But now, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, and seen how much shit my family had to give out to innocent people.

I thought that history of nobility during the Civil War was a lie. Now that I’ve seen it, I was wrong…

My family, the Blanchemetes, were a really noble family. Though we lost most of our power over society recently, I wanted to believe we could still be a happy family together. That was the least that I wanted to see…

But it wasn’t meant to be. My family got disgraced in front of other nobles. Up to now, I still have no idea what we’ve done to make everyone pissed at us. When we fell from grace… that was the end of my wish of a happy life with my family. My mom and dad grew restless, and eventually started to demand so much of me…

To become the perfect woman. To be the next in line, in case a nobleman had wanted to save us from our disgrace… hopefully that I’d marry a “worthy” man to make our family “worthy” again.

As to how I got into this whole thieving fiasco, is something I don’t wanna talk about right now.

This scar on my eye… will be my reminder for my entire life… that I can’t let my greed overcome my goals.



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