Revolutions Series

Encyclopedia || Port Town Binks

Binks Town

Binks, once a quiet fishing village, is now a booming port town that is quickly growing into one of Zeiss main branches of trade. Its main exports are various selections of rare giant sea monster meat, giant sea monster parts, and the rare “Preed Ore”, found in abundance only on the markets of Binks. Its other goods include quality weapons and armor for both mages and warriors alike, various potions and bombs for the adventurer, and agile griffons outstanding in their courage which makes them highly prized by aerial fighters.

Binks daily attracts merchants, smiths, and adventurers from all walks of life, hence a regiment of the Zeiss army is posted permanently in the town. Shops close at six o’ clock in the evening, and town folk rarely wander the streets after that time, but late travelers may still check in at the Feadeli Inn or at Bo’s Tavern where newcomers may gaze at the bones of sea monsters displayed on the walls, trophies of adventurer’s and mercenaries who have survived the “Preed Job”.

The “Preed Job”, as it is fondly called by the mercenaries and adventurers who visit that region, is the only job of its kind, hiring mercenary teams of four to slay large to gargantuan sea monsters in a mine that is located in the ocean. The Preed Mine is made of two islands of pure ore and coral, one tiny, one small. The tiny island is located within a cluster of large spires of rock and coral where Mr. Preed, the owner of the mine, has built a small protected settlement, while the other sits far out into the ocean. The entire sea surrounding these two islands is full to the brim with dangerous sea monsters. Despite the alarming death toll, mercenaries still register for the job for the reward reaches 4,500 gold a day.



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