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"Ashen Forest Prelude" Summary

The Chaos in Zeiss


The game kicks off with a large ruckus occurring the city square of Zeiss, a technologically advanced city just beyond the border of Gaul. The party, composed of only David and Jin, were investigating all the fuss, and found that there was a young woman named Heidi selling delicious Cranberry Pies.

From the crowd, a very large, boisterous man came up to the woman and presented wolf pelts in exchange for some pies. Catching the attention of the lady’s bodyguards, they try to take away the man, until the party decides to interject… by actually buying this man the pies he wants.

The man introduces himself as Freed, and nothing beyond that.

A moment later, another young lady with long, pink hair enters the scene. She pushes the crowd aside and starts accusing the pie lady of stealing her “father’s documents”. The party aids in dissolving the conflict, and offers a peaceful resolution to finding her father’s documents.

This girl agrees to look further than the surface. She also introduces herself as Yaya, and offers to get the party some freebies from her father’s tool shop.

The father was a middle-aged man with an absurdly sized nose and a complicated monocle device strapped to his right eye.

After purchasing some stuff, Freed goes off to find work. He finds himself working for the delivery of a strange blue metal orb to the shop, only to find that it was a powerful time-bomb – hopefully, stopped in time before detonation.

Suddenly, multiple explosions were heard all across the city, and monsters from the Ashen Forest started piling in for no known reason. The party went off to mop the place up, and help any injured they may come across.

After the dust had settled, they were informed that Heidi had been taken down the Zeiss sewers. The party decides to rescue her, and goes spelunking down the city’s sewage system…

For some reason, there are monsters from the Ashen Forest that seem to be making their home down the sewers – a strange and never-seen-before occurrence, according to Yaya.

Inside the dungeon, David finds a strange, glowing door that contains a memory of Randy chasing down Yaya’s Father, begging him to “Let her go”.

After almost half a day of spelunking, Freed is able to break a certain wall which leads to a room with a familiar bodyguard seemingly awaiting their arrival. He claims that he had stolen the documents in order to cause a ruckus so that he could take Heidi away from an incoming monster invasion – the one that happened just a few hours ago. He takes them to Heidi’s containment…

A room full of crazed contraptions, some rusted beyond use, but mostly covered in dried-up blood. Across the room is a bound Heidi… and surprise awaiting them. A large, green serpent with twisted wings crashes down a large overhead pipe and rears its ugly, venomous fangs at the party. It seemed to heal every wound they inflicted, but ended after a rusty drill that prevents any sort of healing impales the beast.

The party escaped the dungeon, only to find that the rest of the party has already mopped the city up of any stragglers.

Yaya tells the party that, after David explained to her about being an “unentity” and the mystery surrounding her father surfaced, she will join them in whatever quest they sought to complete. She is, after all, combat capable with a large hammer.

The next morning, however, Elyse was nowhere to be found. She had left no traces whatsoever, and it seemed like nobody knew where she went… or even what to do now, for that matter.

In response, Remi suggests that the party split up to find her. She couldn’t have gone far into the Ashen Forest…

Creatures Fought:

Caiman B (Giant Crocodile)
Night Butterfly
Large Ashen Flower
Great Serpent

People Met:
Yaya’s Father

=“Someone once tried to burn down the Ashen Forest. He took down the ferocious beasts of the forest, but… I think the forest spirits got him.”

=“I heard the Ashen Forest is even more dangerous at night than the day. A whole different set of creatures appear in the night, and they pretty much specialize in taking down their prey quickly and efficiently.”

=“I heard the Ashen Forest is artificial! Like, some older city inside the forest decided to hide themselves from the world and just… grew this forest with technology and stuff.”


Jack, what happened to Shin btw? What turn of events did you make to make him leave the party temporarily? I kinda want to know lol.

"Ashen Forest Prelude" Summary

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