Fate changes not in a second, but in the span of an era.

Humanity believes it only takes a moment to change your destiny. When the essence of threat is defeated, is destiny thwarted? After the resistance has won the battle, was fate changed?

Such is the delusion of mankind. The will of gods – no, say the will of fate is stronger than any force. Theirs is a cosmic force, something beyond the power of one man in one moment to thwart. Kings will perish, empires will rise and fall, rebellions and revolutions will ensue and bards will sing of history first before fate is lead astray.

For you see, that is why fate takes the form of a wheel. It will keep turning… and turning… and turning. Revolutions will continue endlessly – they do not end. However, one question remains.

Will you end the Revolution?

Revolutions is a series of mid-length campaigns that make up one epic scale story. Each campaign uses a unique game system; some derived from other existing systems, some completely original. After one “era” ends, another set of players embark on a journey that their “ancestors” have paved for them. (But of course, older players always have the choice of joining back in.)

Whether the road they have carved is rough or smooth, our heroes must endure and attempt to change their destinies…

Current Player Characters: (Bright Historia)

  1. Silverlight_Infinity as Arland, David “Silverlight”
  2. carlo09989 as Break, Shin “Breaker”
  3. — as Raven “Hayate” Crow
  4. Kuro_no_Shinigami as Kiryu “Jin” Hiragane
  5. Lara_L_Rooka as Vankovich, Gottfried “Freed”
  6. Lenardmfao as Rain , Lilia “Lily”

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